artnitcampos | Rod Robinson
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Rod Robinson

hosted by Dominik Kraehenmann „Plaza 9“.


Born in Brawley, California, 1957

Completed BFA at Academy of Art Collage in San Francisco Cal. 1983.

New York City 84-89.

Presently based in Zurich.


These works are very much focused on what can be done with «nothing».

The notion of «nothing» concerns all types of things, though in this case waste materials, plastics of many types, objects that have lost their «treasure» appeal or material in general that has «single use» purpose.

The construction methods are not complex. Primitive sewing skills and patience are required.

And of course, perseverance. This an essential in all creative processing undertakings.

I’m attempting to give examples of where and how a «shifting» of perception occurs in things of no importance into another object of significance and value.

Significance in that inspiration is a immediate characteristic in it’s appearance.

Value in that this inspiration quality is given, unconditionally, as if an ancient truth has been revealed to the viewer.

And everybody like «free stuff».

Also I’d like to demonstrate the connections between consumption, waste, indifference, ignorance and the necessity to think resourcefully, creatively, imaginatively and the need to work together to preserve our environment.

To learn to want what we’ve got instead of getting what we want.

See potential in the things around us. Especially the abundance of trash we generate.

Think in the term of «Trash into Treasures“.